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$24.95 / 750ml bottle

Junction red wine is a celebration of the refined complexities that can only be achieved through meticulous winemaking. This dry, medium-bodied wine immediately captivates with its aromatic bouquet of red currant, cassis, and vanilla, complemented by the sophisticated undertones of cigar box and spices. Each scent promises an intriguing story, inviting you to uncover the depth of flavors waiting to be explored.

750ML / 12.00% ABV
  • Dry
  • Medium Body
  • Medium Tannins
  • Medium Acidity
  • Medium Oak


Taste Profile: Upon tasting, Junction reveals a round mouthfeel that elegantly coats the palate, while its polished tannins ensure a supported and graceful finish. This balance between structure and smoothness makes Junction a standout wine, embodying the ideal harmony of elements that red wine enthusiasts seek.

Food Pairings: Junction’s versatile profile allows it to pair beautifully with a range of dishes, enhancing both the wine and the culinary experience. It’s particularly suited to accompany hearty dishes such as beef braised in red wine, where the meat’s richness is complemented by the wine’s fruit and spice notes. For a slightly bolder pairing, try it with savory bison burgers topped with rich blue cheese, where the wine’s medium body and tannins cut through the fattiness of the cheese and meat. Aromatic garlic-infused lamb chops with a smooth chickpea purée also make for a delightful combination, as the wine’s subtle vanilla and spice flavors elevate the lamb’s natural flavors. For cheese lovers, a luxurious triple cream cheese is an excellent choice, with the wine’s medium acidity and oak balancing the creaminess of the cheese.

Junction Red Wine is not just a beverage; it’s an experience that bridges the gap between tradition and innovation, promising to elevate any meal into a memorable occasion. Whether you’re dining in or celebrating a special moment, Junction is your companion in creating stories worth sharing.

History and the Name:
Our Junction Red Wine draws its name from a significant chapter in American history, celebrating the pioneering spirit and the rich tapestry of cultures that converged in what is today known as West Chicago. The name “Junction” pays homage to the landmark event in 1849 when the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad, the predecessor of the C&NW, extended its tracks to this area, later intersecting with the Aurora Branch Railroad, the predecessor of the CB&Q, in 1850. This intersection created America’s first railroad junction point west of Chicago, a pivotal development that transformed the region into a bustling hub of activity. By 1854, the expansion continued with the opening of the “Dixon Air Line” branch, further cementing the area’s importance in railroad history.

The influx of trains necessitated the construction of various support facilities, including water and fuel stations for locomotives, a roundhouse, and amenities for travelers such as eating houses and hotels. This infrastructure attracted a diverse workforce and their families, leading to a vibrant community comprising primarily English and Irish settlers initially, with Germans arriving in the 1860s and Mexican immigrants by the 1910s. Recognizing the potential of this growing settlement, John B. Turner, president of the G&CU and a Chicago resident who owned land in the heart of what would become the town, took the initiative to plat and sell lots, officially recording the area as the Town of Junction in 1855.

Junction Red Wine is a tribute to this historical crossroads, embodying the spirit of innovation, diversity, and community that defined the area from its inception. Just as the railroads brought together people and cultures, creating a dynamic and interconnected community, our wine brings together a blend of flavors and aromas that celebrate the rich heritage and pioneering spirit of Junction.