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Bootlegger Red Batch No. A023

Bootlegger Red Batch No. A023

$28.95 / 750ml bottle

Embark on an enchanting journey down South with “Bootlegger Red Batch No. A023,” a red blend that skillfully marries time-honored winemaking traditions with a distinctive Southern allure. Each bottle opens to unveil a mesmerizing bouquet, where the sweetness of vanilla and caramel dances with toasty undertones, all while being punctuated by a lively burst of red fruits. The experience deepens with every sip, as a smooth, juicy palate unfolds into a rich, oaky finish that gracefully lingers on the senses.

750ML / 12.00% ABV
  • Off-Dry
  • Full Body
  • Medium-high Tannins
  • Medium-high Acidity
  • Heavy Oak


Taste Profile: “Bootlegger Red Batch No. A023” stands as a beacon of sensory exploration, boasting an aromatic intensity that beckons with sweet and spicy whispers, reminiscent of the smoothest bourbon. Its full body and heavy oak influence weave a complex tapestry of flavors, adding layers of depth that intrigue and delight. Balancing on the edge of off-dry sweetness, this red blend achieves a harmony that renders it both versatile in its appeal and effortlessly approachable.

Food Pairings: It shines brightest when paired with Aged Gouda, whose smoky nuances meld with the wine’s bourbon barrel elegance, crafting a culinary duo that resonates with the soulful warmth of the South. Beyond Aged Gouda, “Bootlegger Red Batch No. A023” enhances the richness of grilled steak and BBQ ribs, while its robust character complements hard cheeses such as Parmigiano-Reggiano, Gouda, and smoked cheddar, elevating each meal into a memorable dining experience.

Discover the spirit and charm of the South with each bottle of “Bootlegger Red Batch No. A023” – a wine that encapsulates the essence of southern hospitality and the adventurous spirit of its namesake, promising a taste experience as rich and captivating as its heritage.

The Characters

In the sultry embrace of the South, where secrets and sins blend as seamlessly as the finest wines, the saga of the Bootlegger Red Batch No. A023 unfurls, steeped in danger, desire, and the undying bonds of loyalty. At the heart of this empire, three women wield their power with a grace and ferocity that belies the depth of their influence, drawing three men into the intoxicating dance of bootlegging, each pair bound by a passion as fiery as the Southern sun.

Deanne “The Writer” Macomber was once the darling of the literary world, her poetry and fiction resonating with the ache and beauty of the human condition. Her descent into the shadowy realm of bootlegging began with a whisper of adventure, a story that needed telling, and the love of a man who lived on the edge of society’s laws. Marc, with his mysterious past and dangerous allure, promised her a life of excitement and danger, a temptation too intoxicating to resist. Together, they navigated the perilous waters of their trade, Deanne’s words becoming a veil of mystery that cloaked their operations, her pen as mighty as any sword in the empire they built.

Marc “The Fixer” Holmes found in Deanne a muse and a partner in crime, her spirit as unquenchable as the finest whiskey. His reputation as a fixer was unrivaled, his ability to navigate the underbelly of the South a testament to his ingenuity and ruthlessness. Yet, it was Deanne who truly captured his heart, her love the anchor in the tumultuous sea of his existence. Together, they were unstoppable, their love a beacon that lit the darkest corners of their world, their loyalty to each other and their cause as enduring as the legacy of the Bootlegger Red.

Laine “The Tough” Rochon was a force of nature, her beauty eclipsed only by her ferocity. Her journey into the heart of the bootlegging empire was driven by a thirst for power and a love for a man as dangerous as she. Francis, with his silent strength and deadly skills, was her perfect counterpart, their passion a flame that burned through the darkest nights. Laine’s rule was absolute, her command undisputed, her love for Francis the one vulnerability in her armored heart, their bond a testament to the strength found in unity.

Francis “Machete” Romero earned his nickname through acts as cold and swift as the blade he wielded. Yet, beneath the surface of the man feared by many was a loyalty and depth of feeling reserved for a chosen few. His love for Laine was the guiding force in his life, her presence the calm in his storm. Together, they carved a path through their enemies, their love a dangerous dance that drew them ever closer, their commitment to their empire and to each other as sharp and unyielding as Francis’s machete.

Debbie “The Dove” Capaul, with her ethereal beauty and cunning mind, was the siren of their southern realm, her allure irresistible to all who crossed her path. Her relationship with Chris, a bond forged in the fires of passion and ambition, was the cornerstone of her power. Debbie’s seduction was not merely physical but intellectual, her strategies and manipulations as intricate and deadly as the vines of their vineyard. Her love for Chris was a multifaceted jewel, each facet reflecting a different shade of their shared ambition, their union a blend as complex and captivating as the Bootlegger Red itself.

Chris “The Alaskan” Copstead brought to the empire a strength born of the wild, untamed lands of the North. His journey southward was fueled by a desire for a new frontier, a longing that found its fulfillment in the arms of Debbie and the challenge of the bootlegging business. Chris’s presence was as imposing as the Alaskan wilderness, his love for Debbie a force that drove him to acts of both great courage and peril. Together, they stood as pillars of their empire, their love and loyalty the foundation upon which their world was built, as enduring and enigmatic as the wine that bore their mark.

Together, these six souls weave a tale of passion, power, and peril, their lives a testament to the intoxicating allure of the forbidden. Their empire, built on the seductive promise of Bootlegger Red Batch No. A023, stands as a monument to their loyalty, their love, and their willingness to defy the bounds of society for the sake of the extraordinary.