Geneva - Batavia - Elburn
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$24.95 / 750ml bottle

Geneva stands as a testament to the timeless allure of traditional red wines, masterfully blending the rich essence of coffee and dark plum notes into a harmonious symphony. This red blend is crafted with care, inviting the palate to explore the intricate medley of dark fruits and tobacco, which beautifully complements the vibrant aromas of black currants and cherries. Each element is carefully woven together, creating a wine that is both complex and accessible.

750ML / 12.60% ABV
  • Dry
  • Medium Body
  • Medium Tannins
  • Medium Acidity
  • Medium Oak


Taste Profile: The taste profile of Geneva is meticulously balanced, embodying the quintessence of a dry, medium-bodied wine. With medium tannins, acidity, and oak influence, Geneva offers a smooth and rounded drinking experience, making it an ideal choice for both wine aficionados and those new to the wonders of red blends. The result is a wine that not only captivates with its depth and complexity but also enchants with its versatility and elegance.

Food Pairings: Geneva’s robust flavor profile and balanced character make it a perfect companion to a wide range of dishes. It pairs exceptionally well with the rich and savory flavors of Italian sausage and pasta, where its notes of dark plum and coffee beautifully accentuate the spices of the sausage. Alternatively, serve it with Spanish jambalaya to elevate the dish’s smoky and spicy qualities, creating a dining experience that is both satisfying and memorable.

Indulge in the refined elegance of Geneva, a red blend that invites you on a journey through the art of winemaking. Whether enjoyed on a cozy evening at home or shared among friends, Geneva is a celebration of tradition, craftsmanship, and the joy of discovery.