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Dionysus Cabernet Sauvignon

Dionysus Cabernet Sauvignon

$38.95 / 750ml bottle

Crafted with devotion, our Dionysus Cabernet Sauvignon is a harmonious blend of medium tannins and rich, deep flavors. The journey of its creation begins with a cold soak, extracting the vibrant essence of cherry and plum, elegantly intertwined with sophisticated hints of dark chocolate. This meticulous process is followed by aging in French Oak barrels, which imparts a nuanced medium oak character, complementing the wine’s medium-full body, medium-high tannins, and medium acidity to perfection.

750ML / 13.88% ABV
  • Dry
  • Medium-full Body
  • Medium-high Tannins
  • Medium Acidity
  • Medium Oak


In the lush landscapes of the Midwest, the ancient cult of Dionysus is revived with each bottle of our Dionysus Cabernet Sauvignon. Inspired by the Greek God of Wine, this offering is a testament to the joy, ecstasy, and life-affirming energy that wine has symbolized through the ages.

Taste Profile: A taste profile that is both bold and balanced. This dry wine delights with a medium-full body, ensuring a rich and enveloping mouthfeel that beautifully complements its flavor profile. Medium-high tannins lend structure and depth, while the medium acidity ensures each sip is refreshingly crisp.

Food Pairings: Dionysus Cabernet Sauvignon is especially adept at complementing the bold flavors of rich grilled meats, enhancing the succulence of each bite. Its high tannin content cuts through the richness of peppery sauces, balancing the spice with its deep fruit notes. The wine’s versatility also makes it an ideal match for dishes with high flavor intensity, creating a dining experience that is as memorable as it is delicious.

Embrace the spirit of Dionysus with our Cabernet Sauvignon—a wine that not only brings the legend to life but also celebrates the vibrant tapestry of flavors that the Midwest has to offer.