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Four Twenty Six

Four Twenty Six

$24.95 / 750ml bottle

Introducing Four Twenty Six, a red wine that epitomizes the art of winemaking and the pursuit of sensory perfection. Crafted with a discerning palate in mind, this wine opens with a compelling nose of blackcurrants, weaving a rich tapestry of aromas that include dark chocolate and subtle toasty notes. As you delve deeper, hints of coffee and vanilla emerge, adding layers of complexity and warmth to the bouquet.

750ML / 12.86% ABV
  • Dry
  • Medium Body
  • Medium Tannins
  • Medium Acidity
  • Medium Oak


Taste Profile: The taste profile of Four Twenty Six is meticulously balanced. Its dry nature is perfectly complemented by a medium body, ensuring a smooth and accessible drinking experience. The tannins, acidity, and oak influence are all medium in intensity, creating a harmonious blend that enhances the wine’s velvety finish. This careful calibration of flavors and textures makes Four Twenty Six a versatile and engaging wine, suitable for both casual enjoyment and formal occasions.

Food Pairings: Four Twenty Six finds its ideal culinary partners in comfort food classics. It pairs wonderfully with a hearty meatloaf and creamy mashed potatoes, where its fruit and chocolate notes complement the savory richness of the dish. For a more refined pairing, serve it alongside prime rib au jus, where the wine’s subtle toasty and vanilla nuances elevate the umami flavors of the meat.

Whether you’re dining in or celebrating a special occasion, Four Twenty Six adds a touch of elegance and depth to the meal, promising an unforgettable wine experience that delights and satisfies in every sip.